Olympic Event Rules

 The following point system will be used for each event. In the event of a tie both teams will be awarded the same amount of points.


New for 2015
1st Place – 7 points 
2nd Place – 5 points
3rd Place – 3 points
4th Place -- 2 points
5th Place -- 1 point

Event #1 – Cylinder Stack

Clay - 1 box (50#)

Time – 10 minutes

Team Members – 4

  • The Cylinder Stack is a relay event.
  • Clay may be prepared prior to the start of the event.
  • Each team member must throw on the wheel in sequential order. The cylinders must then be stacked and completed within the 10 minute time frame.
  • The cylinders can be blended together but not manipulated to increase the height in any way.
  • At the completion of the stacking, team members must step away from the construction and the stack will be measured. Any stack that falls prior to all stacks being measured will be disqualified.
  • Measurements will be taken in a timely fashion, all judges decisions are final.

Event #2 – Mug Production

Clay – 1 box (50#)(clay from cylinder stack)

Time – 10 minutes

Team members – 4

  • Most Mugs Wins 
  • Each team member must throw on the wheel in sequential order.
  • Team members may assist in cutting and moving the cylinders to the table, as well as attaching the handles.
  • Clay may be prepared prior to the event.
  • The mugs must be completed with handles and set on the table within the 10 minute time frame.
  • Each ‘mug’ must be 4 inches in height the cylinder must exhibit a wheel thrown quality and not be just a lump of clay with a thumbhole pushed into it.  A toilet paper roll should be able to fit inside the mug at least 1/2 way down the inside. Judges decisions are final. 

    Event #3 – No Hands Throw
  • Clay – ½ box (25#)
  • Time – 10 minutes
  • Team Members – 4
  • Height plus Width Wins
  • The No Hands Throw is a team event.
  • Clay may be set on the wheel prior to the event and slapped into a sphere or cylinder prior to the start. Once the event starts NO HANDS, or tools, may be used to throw the clay. Other body parts may be used. A team member may however use a sponge to keep the clay wet. Team members must devise a way to create the largest piece possible. Judges will measure the tallest and the widest sections of the pot when completed.
  • The finished product can not be squeezed to increase the diameter of the rim. If so the narrow point will be measured.
  • You cannot manipulate the piece after it has stopped.
  • Judges decisions are final.


 Event #4 – Blindfold Throw 
Clay – 5 lbs 
Team Members 2 – One throwing and one assistant Time – 5 minutes 

         Tallest cylinder wins

  • One student will be designated to throw the 5 lb. piece of clay as tall as they can.
  • The assistant is allowed to help the thrower without touching the clay by communicating and dripping water on their hands.
  • At the end of the time, the judge will cut open the vessel to see that it is hollow all the way through.

Event #5 – Pot Put 
Clay – 12 mugs (NOT slapped into a ball)
Team Members – 4 (3 tosses each)
Time – Ongoing
(alphabetical by school name)


Most Points Wins

  • The pot put is a team event.
  • Each of the 4 members will take 3 tosses in succession.
  • (New 2020) There will be 3 garbage cans! 10' can = 1pt, 20' can = 2pts, 30' can = 3pts. NO RIM SHOTS WILL GET HALF POINTS ANYMORE.  If the rim shot breaks the mug and part of the mug goes in the can it will count for full points.  If the mug goes in and knockes over the can, it will count.
  • There will be 3 separate 30-50 Gal garbage cans to speed up the event. Please clean off the rim shots after each school goes.

Event #6 – Coil Building

Clay – 1 New box (50 #) 
Team Members – All 
Time – 25-30 minutes
(Depending on timing of overall competition)


Tallest Structure Wins 

The coil event is a team event.  Clay can not be prepared prior to the start of the 25-30 min.

  • All team members may roll and build at the discretion of the team. Do NOT use any clay tools. (you can use templates for sizing) (can use water spray bottle if it is hot outside)
  • The finished coil vessel can now use any design idea to get the highest structure. Does not have to be only rolled coils and can be solid.
  • At the end of the event team members must step away from the vessel.
  • Any vessel that falls prior to all the teams being measured will be re-measured to the tallest section. You may use your team to block the wind.
  • All judges decisions are final.

*All of the events are designed to encourage teamwork, problem solving and fun. Good sportsmanship is a necessity for all participants. Inappropriate and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Have fun and get dirty!

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