Different point system so more teams collect points. (old points 1st=5pts, 2nd=3pts, 3rd=1pt)
     New Point System

 Entrance fee.  Each team should fundraise $50 (Raffle tickets) for entrance fee to keep up with     the FoC dues and art awards.

Quick overview from meeting to remember:
  • The only tools allowed for any event are ones that remove the pieces from the wheel- scraper, wire tool.
  • It is imperative that everyone uses the correct amount of clay for each event.
  • Mug Production and Cylinder Stack require team members to rotate in sequential order and teams must be made up of 4 members.
  • We are working to get 1 judge per school and all trained with the same rules to follow.
  • The coild building event - the focus is to have all teams strategize for the tallest form- this means it does not need to be hollow and can be made up from any variation of coils including vertical coils. The form does NOT need to consist of completely circular connected coils throughout. (half moon stacked shapes are ok)
  • 2020 we will have 3 garbage cans for the Pot Put Toss and each can will be 10 feet away (1pt), 20 feet away (2pts) and 30 feet away (3pts)  THERE WILL BE NO RIM SHOTS FOR HALF POINTS. If the mug hits rim and half goes in the can you will get full points.  Stuck on rim is zero points.  We will clean off rim shots after each school throws. Try to clean up Pot Put area after the event.


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